What’s Your Exit Strategy?

I read a book not too long ago that proclaimed that when people have a plan in place and practice that plan, when disaster strikes they are much more likely to prevail than people that don’t have a plan.  This is one of the reasons that it’s mandatory that schools and other public facilities conduct fire drills.  With fire drills at least once a quarter the children (and adults) will know what to do in case of a real fire.   I was married to a firefighter for 25 years and we had ladders and ropes in the second-floor bedrooms of the house, and even in my new home, I have ropes in the bedrooms in case they are ever …

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Questions To Design Your Future

QUESTIONS TO DESIGN YOUR FUTURE copy     QUESTIONS TO DESIGN YOUR FUTURE   What do I want?   Why do I want it? (Why is it important to me?)   What am I willing to give up to get it?   What is my game plan/how will I get it?   What specific knowledge do I require?   Who can assist me?   What is my time frame?   What can I do TODAY to get started?     INSTRUCTIONS: List ALL of your goals on plain paper.  Categorize the goals into:  (1) Spiritual (2) Family (3) Personal (4) Business (5) Other.  Select the top three goals, place them on goal sheets and work through the remaining seven questions …

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Be In Chicago January 19th! We Will Crush It In 2019

Here is the formula I use each year to reach my goals and succeed in business. For 2019 I plan to CRUSH IT! with new business platforms, seminars, and books. Join me as I walk you through the process to ride along with me to the top! – And don’t forget to join me live in Chicago on January 19th!  https://youtu.be/iwaa-lNOHaQ          

I Will Be Speaking In Chicago Saturday January 19th!

I know it will be cold outside but it will be hot in the Chicago Courtyard Marriott at Midway because I am determined to have everyone learn how to thrive financially in 2019.  Come and invite everyone that you know wants to get out of the Rat Race.  Registration includes both my books, “How To Escape The Rat Race” and “How To Stick It It The IRS.”  The first 20 people to register also receive a 30-minute strategy session (A $149 value).  See you soon!  SPJ Saturday, January 19, 10:00AM to 4:00PM Courtyard Chicago-Midway 6610 S. Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL  60638

It’s On In Atlanta October 13th!

You Can Create A Six-Figure Business From Your Current Income You Can Lower Or Eliminate Income Taxes While Living Like The Wealthy Let Me Show You How!  Saturday, October 13, 2018 10:00AM to 4:00PM Doubletree by Hilton, Atlanta – Emory Area 2061 N. Druid Hills Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30329 Learn from retired CPA/CFE, author and former IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson In 2012 Sherry was forced to start life over from ground zero.  With her strong upbringing and unyielding fortitude, she fought her way back to the top, earning her the title of comeback kid, and securing her speaking and consulting engagements all over the world. Now Sherry teaches people from all walks of life that they can advance through …

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Winning The Battle For Good Health

Hi Everyone, you know I have a big mouth and I like to share things that the “powers that be” don’t want you to know about.  This time I want to tell you about being healthy without drugs.  The effects of pharmaceuticals have hit home, as my father is in crisis because two different doctors in the same network didn’t know what each was prescribing – causing major problems L Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was in Orlando with my students from Africa, taking them to the Universal theme parks.  What a wonderful experience for all of us! While I was there, I had the chance to experience an amazing device that came into the U.S. 4 years ago.  …

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What In The World Is Going On?

It’s in the atmosphere.  It’s on people’s faces and in their attitudes.  Something just isn’t right.  It’s not just happening in the United States but it’s happening almost everywhere.  People are full of frustration and uncertainty.  Nobody makes commitments anymore, many people are on mood altering medications and some have even given up on happiness altogether.  Many are losing their jobs without being able to find another one.  Millions are underpaid and just barely getting by. What is causing this prevailing abysmal state of being?  I believe that part of it is the decline in our nation – from our morals and values all the way to our productivity and pride.  It used to be that people worked hard and they were …

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Orlando, Atlanta and The Rest Of The World

He Everyone.  I am back home and off to the races again.  I have slowed down on conducting workshops because I need more participation, but I’m not giving up.  I will be in Orlando conducting a workshop Saturday, August 4th.  I will do a workshop in Atlanta probably October 13th.  If you want me to come and conduct a workshop in your area feel free to contact me about the logistics.  For now, here are the details for the Orlando workshop.  Please help me spread the word!  Blessings.  SPJ Secrets Of The Wealthy Workshop Will I see you in Orlando on August 4th? Join me for this one day workshop Secrets Of The Wealthy https://basicfinancialsurvival.com/secrets-of-the-wealthy Posted by Escape the Rat …

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