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Sherry coming to Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Tuscaloosa, AL!

Hi Everyone! I will be in Atlanta March 4th, Austin March 18th and Dallas March 19th! The details are attached. Come and invite others! We have a lot to discuss.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama is scheduled for April 1st but those details are being worked out and that information will be posted as soon as everything is finalized.  Here are the flyers and registration information for the three that are already finalized.  I look forward to meeting some of you soon!  SPJ


Uncertainty & Energy Happy New Year to All! Although we have made it to 2017 there is still lots of UNCERTAINTY about our futures whether we live in the United States or elsewhere. This past presidential election for the U.S. saw a country divided like never before. The Brexit was another upending of norms, along with other elections and referendums worldwide. What should we be concentrating on for 2017? Our families and ourselves! As you have probably heard me say before depending on any government, corporation or bank for your safety and stability is not very wise to say the least. We need to get control of the direction of our lives and not have some bureaucrat wave his or …


Why Are Poor People Angry?

Why Are Poor People Angry? November 20, 2016   I live in a lower middle-class neighborhood. Why? Because after being released from prison and getting a divorce I was on my own and wanted to find a home that I could afford by myself. Apartment living was not an option and since I was no longer a six-figure earner I had to plan and strategize. I did a lot of searching and found a nice large foreclosure with an affordable mortgage. My goal at the time was to keep my expenses low and become debt free as soon as possible. This plan is running very smoothly as I only have a grad school student loan and my mortgage left.   …

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Tampa, Florida Sunday December 4th!

Wow!  I was very surprised at the election results.  It goes to show that you can’t trust the media.  They were telling the people that Hillary was way out ahead.   Are we coming unglued as a country?  I hear that wildfires are being set all over the land.  Here in the Atlanta area we are inundated with smoke-filled skies and it is affecting people’s health.  It doesn’t matter how the election turned out, we as Americans must rise above and get ourselves together for the future.  Years ago I wrote a blog about the things I believe in:  Self reliance, personal responsibility,  our unalienable  (Something that you can’t put a lien on.  This has nothing to do with aliens) …

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The VP Debate & My Last Speaking Engagements Of 2016

We are in the home stretch for 2016.  The “election” is nearing.  I got my hair done last night and God, with His sense of humor, had me sitting captive in front of the vice presidential debate at the salon. You know how I feel about politics, but I had to sit there (with my eyes closed at first) and listen.  At the point that Kaine brought up Donald Trump not paying taxes I just had to open my eyes and see how Pence was going to respond.  When he mentioned “net operating losses” I jumped!  Gotcha’ is what I thought, until I realized that over half the people watching the debate had no clue of what he was talking …

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The College Conspiracy Full Documentary The College Conspiracy Full Documentary – YouTube The College Conspiracy Full Documentary – College Conspiracy is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. The film … Watch now…

Well Fargo CEO Stumpf And Others Should Go To Prison!

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf and other executives should go to prison. When will you reach your breaking point! Wait till you have 20 minutes to watch this and then take action! As long as We The People put up with this mess they will continue to rape us.  This is the epitome of a Bankster!!  Do you enjoy being violated?  Act like it!  SPJ