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My name is Sherry Peel Jackson and I’m a former IRS agent and a retired CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner. For seven and a half years I audited businesses, individuals, and ministers for the Internal Revenue Service. I am here to teach you what IRS agents and auditors learn when they are in training, discovering how to conduct audits. I’ll show you how they select businesses to audit, the procedures they use and how they think. I’ll reveal and explain some of the questions they will ask business owners and I’ll let you know red flags that pop up on business and individual tax returns–shining a bright light on you and your business. I will tell you how to prepare for an audit in such a way that can stop them from coming to audit you again.
  • This book is for business owners who want to learn how and why businesses are selected for examination, and how to prevail in an audit
  • This book is also for new start-up businesses and ordinary people that want to avoid trouble from the beginning
  • And it’s for businesses and individuals that are already in the middle of an audit and want to get the upper hand.

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