I'm Taking My Toys And Going Home!

He Everyone. First I would like to give you this important message:  Please hear me folks. I’m not the little girl that
cried wolf! Get out of those 401K’s and get gold!

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Sherry Peel Jackson September 5, 2016
Now, I’m going to get on my soapbox.  A few months ago I attended a party.  Strange as it may seem, it was a pajama party and most of the participants, male and female, complied and wore pajamas.  Yes I wore pajamas also, but you will have no pictures for bribery purposes.
During the party the hosts decided to have a game of musical chairs.  They asked for 20 people to participate but I gracefully bowed out because I wanted to keep my reputation for being calm and quiet.  Most people don’t know how competitive I am and I was afraid that it would show and shock everyone there.  Anyway, as they got started I noticed something that wasn’t right.  The person that was in charge of starting and stopping the music was not turned toward the wall but was looking at the participants as they walked around the chairs.  I looked at the participants and the others in the room to see if anyone noticed or if anyone was going to say anything.  Nobody said a word.  After about 5 starts and stops I noticed that the person in charge of the music was purposely stopping the music only when her relative was in front of a chair.  FOUL PLAY was in my mind and on my tongue, but the surprising part was nobody said a word.  Did they notice?  As the game went on I also noticed that the relative that was walking around the chairs was very casual and not deliberate, like most of the other participants.  Did she know that her relative was stopping the music only when she was in front of a chair.
I watched in amazement until the “game” was over.  The relative continued the stop the music only when her relative was in front of a chair, the one that was playing the game kept casually moving around the circle like she didn’t have a care in the world and nobody seemed to notice and if they noticed they didn’t care enough to say anything.  Of course the relative won the game and the prize.
Is is just me or does it seem like our government, the media, the banksters and the multinational corporations are pulling the wool over our heads with a rigged game of musical chairs?  We have two of the  worse candidates ever, running for president, and nobody seems to bring up that fact that we are in deep trouble no mater which one wins.
If I had decided to play that game of musical chairs at that party and noticed what I noticed, I would have immediately excused myself and left the floor.  I don’t participate in rigged games.  My dad said that I’ve been that way all my life.  He said that when I was very young and the children down the street would want to play, if they started to act up, not share, cheat or just get plain old mean spirited I would pick up my toys and go home.
I am not telling anyone to be like me but I shouldn’t be faulted for deciding not to vote.  To me, I have a choice between Archie Bunker and Darth Vader, and neither of them are worthy in my view.  Most conservatives like Trump and most liberals like the Hildebeast and that’s their choice.  What I see is that our country is in trouble and we need to get busy coming up with and emplementing solutions.  The same idiots in Washington that created the problems will NEVER be able to solve them.  If you study hard enough you will realize that they don’t want to solve them!  I’m taking my toys and going home, meaning I am spending my time and energy creating a plan for my family to survive and thrive regardless of what foolishness comes down the pike after the election.  Believe me, it’s coming.  The excrement WILL hit the portable cooling device sooner or later, and if you are not prepared you will be sprayed.  Why don’t you take your toys and go home too?  SPJ