Silver Engines Review

I want to share something with you that I have found to be helpful to me.

Back in the early 2000’s when I started opening my eyes to the “system” I learned about colloidal silver and its health benefits. I used it for years and recently starting using it again after it was noted that silver has an effect on the Ebola virus. I researched more and found that the health benefits of silver are very profound, but the cost of going to the health food store and buying enough silver to last even a month was too much for me.

I saw some articles about making your own silver, but the processes were too complicated for my busy life – I even have a hard time following cooking recipes.

Then an Internet friend let me know that he actually had a machine that makes colloidal/ionic silver. He said it was easy so I got the machine and gave it a try. I found that not only is it easy to make but last month I had some kind of virus and instead of lasting a week I stopped it in two days by making sure I was consistent in taking the silver.

Look at the research yourself. Silver has been found to relieve many ailments. Since I am not one to take pharmaceutical drugs this silver is now a staple in my health regimen.

ISilver Engines in Action am happy to announce that if you are interested in the SILVERengines proton machine you can get a $100 discount by adding the code “sherry” to your order.

Try it and you may save thousands in healthcare expenses.

To your health! SPJ

2 thoughts on “Silver Engines Review”

  1. These devices they sell are exorbinately priced! Way too expensive, taking advantage of people imo. Plus, how are you going to run them if there is no electricity, unless they offer a solar option?

  2. Hey, Patricia, don’t let the retail price throw you; Sherry offers a discount right now, and may run even better promotions if you watch for it! 😉 And, like she says, this is way cheaper than buying bottled at the health food store.

    And, yes, they *do* offer a solar option – didn’t you notice on their website that it is USB powered? You can get solar USB supplies from Amazon or almost anywhere…

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